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Welcome to finding out what Career really suits you. The color test that you are about to do is fun and quick. Once completed, we psychometrically match you to 1-5 careers, we show you a video of that career, then we match you to a major/course and then we match you to a College or Community College depending on what the Career requires.

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Career Color Test Validation

The Career Color Test (CCT) represents 16 years of cumulative research and development, including a series of validation studies and journal publications / white papers (Lange & Rentfrow, 2007; Lange, 2010).

Driven by techniques derived from statistics and artificial intelligence, the indicator’s latest incarnation, CCT 4.0, has increased accuracy and reliability.

In what must be an industry record, a large-scale validation study was performed using a base sample of over 770,000 people. When focusing on respondents who actually enjoy their current careers, the findings indicate that the CCT can predict people’s career choices with 80% accuracy.